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algorithmic & computer arts

Polarities, xCoAx, Milan 2019

The work ‘polarities’ is a forthcoming audio-visual and data psychogeography from urban, rural and natural landscapes related to dependency on wireless networks within diverse socio-cultural contexts. It consists on a series of data portraits depicting social activity and their relation to the current digital “invisible” infrastructures. The portraits are built using the collected information from wireless signal traffic in specific contexts over time using a self-made artifact that records Wi-Fi, GPS, Audio and Image


Temp-Studio #3, Art Residency, Lisbon, Portugal, November 2018

The art residency Temp Studio #3 took place in November 2018, at TODOS, Lisbon, PT.

Temp-Studio #3

It is an initiative by the new media arts community in Portugal. The outcome of the residency has been the materialization of a light installation under water that was shown at the Lucerne Light Festival in January 2019.

We have participated at the residency as a collective, along with Simón Schwarz and Sandro Poli















Unfolding Algorithmic Agency, OTHERWISE, March 2019

The workshop session took place in the beginning of March, 2019 in Gesnerallee, Zürich. It has been directed to participants interested in reflecting about the influence and role of algorithms in our daily lives and social structures. Participants used their bodies in order to come up with enactive strategies to unfold visions of what algorithms are, and what their potential autonomous mechanisms and entities is.

Workshop guided in collaboration with Sandro Poli and Simón Schwarz

The Otherwise Festival is an experimental format event, a sort of Symposium and Workshop Session ideated and organized by Michaela Büsse und Benjamin Bürger from H0 Institute for Metamorphosis and IXDM.
h0 Institute for Metamorphosis
otherwise festival





Unfolding (10 of 12)

Unfolding (6 of 12)

Unfolding (8 of 12)

Unfolding (11 of 12)


The nicest images were kindly provided by H0 Institut and Michael Meili.


Electric Animal Plant, Hybrid Materials, Arts Track, TEI 2019, Tempe, AZ

Installation presented at the Conference for Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction at Tempe, Arizona in March 2019. The Conference was hosted by the Arizona State University and the Tempe Center for the Arts.

TEI 2019, Hybrid Materials

Authors: Karmen Franinovic, Luke Franzke, Andrés Villa Torres, Florian Wille

Fluorozoa, LiLu 2019

Light Installation built under water, using bioluminiscence, uv light and data from river currents.
Collaboration with Simón Schwarz and Sandro Poli


Critical Mass @ xCoAx2018

Critical mass is a connected installation exploring behaviours of automation, digital crowds and the limits of self-exposure, social interactions, data ethics and sharing cultures. The installation connects the exhibition space with a stablished video chat engine. The visitor gets connected to a mass of random people in real time through an algorithmic intervened chat. Data of the interactions is collected and further used to extract facial features and train further automation systems.








Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 14.24.02

On Concave Mirrors

Installation at Kulturfolger, Zürich, May 2018

Mixed media installation consisting on an audio visual essay addressing the barriers between fiction and reality, exploring how memory is affected by processes of erosion driven by the intensive flow of information and algorithms. The essay uses personal stories and reflections intersecting data extracted from several Tinder profiles. The intervention has an effect on a liquid material which is being affected by deep sound waves which are augmentations of the computational processes behind the data extraction.


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Public Property

Collaboration with Jan Huggenberg

“Public Property” is a Multimedia Installation addressing the topic of control and transparency of digital data. The centerpiece is an automated puppet in the window front reacting to data collected about the visitors.

Technology has opened new possibilities over the past years and is becoming increasingly harder to avoid without feeling left out. Even though we use digital services on a daily basis, the underlying mechanisms are not fully comprehensible.

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Electric Animal Plant

Commissioned installation at the Zurich Design Biennale, 2017 Organic moving and sonic sculptural installation which reacts to the flow of high voltage currents. The natural, the physical and the artificial cannot be separated from each other. The Interaction Design research group from the ZHdK presents a future where the exotic is created in labs and the sonic is composed through algorithms.

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Silk Memory Garden

Commissioned project for the Zurich Design Biennale 2017 with support from the Hochschule Luzern and the Silk Memory Ar- chive. The Digital Garment Archive from the HSLU is recreated and transported to the physical space through projection layers of the garments in combination with animated fantasy worlds by François Chalet, algorithmic generated structures and composed sound- scapes.

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Noises of Forgetting, ICLC, Morelia, MX, December 2017

Live Coding Quadraphonic Composition tracking motions of dust particles from the apparent empty space. A prerecorded video of dust particles is analysed in real time with computer vision algorithms. The data extracted through this process is used in order to affect the audible output.

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