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algorithmic & computer arts

Critical Mass @ xCoAx2018

Critical mass is a connected installation exploring behaviours of automation, digital crowds and the limits of self-exposure, social interactions, data ethics and sharing cultures. The installation connects the exhibition space with a stablished video chat engine. The visitor gets connected to a mass of random people in real time through an algorithmic intervened chat. Data of the interactions is collected and further used to extract facial features and train further automation systems.









On Concave Mirrors

Installation at Kulturfolger, Zürich, May 2018


Data Doubles

Data Doubles is part of my Doctoral Research

It consists on a series of ethnographic approaches and social experiments which take place in the digital spaces where people interact.

The goal is to gather samples that help to understand better the underlying complexity of social interactions and the construction of bodies of data, which end up representing us as individuals and as societies. The research is being conducted mostly on chat-like platforms, where people interact actively through text.
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Public Property

Collaboration with Jan Huggenberg

“Public Property” is a Multimedia Installation addressing the topic of control and transparency of digital data. The centerpiece is an automated puppet in the window front reacting to data collected about the visitors.

Technology has opened new possibilities over the past years and is becoming increasingly harder to avoid without feeling left out. Even though we use digital services on a daily basis, the underlying mechanisms are not fully comprehensible.

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Electric Animal Plant

Commissioned installation at the Zurich Design Biennale, 2017 Organic moving and sonic sculptural installation which reacts to the flow of high voltage currents. The natural, the physical and the artificial cannot be separated from each other. The Interaction Design research group from the ZHdK presents a future where the exotic is created in labs and the sonic is composed through algorithms.

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Silk Memory Garden

Commissioned project for the Zurich Design Biennale 2017 with support from the Hochschule Luzern and the Silk Memory Ar- chive. The Digital Garment Archive from the HSLU is recreated and transported to the physical space through projection layers of the garments in combination with animated fantasy worlds by François Chalet, algorithmic generated structures and composed sound- scapes.

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Noises of Forgetting

Live Coding Quadraphonic Composition tracking motions of dust particles from the apparent empty space. A prerecorded video of dust particles is analysed in real time with computer vision algorithms. The data extracted through this process is used in order to affect the audible output.

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Performance with Joana Chicau and Dragica Kahlina

Transmutations is a live coding performance which explores the limits of computer vision and issues of the understanding of the human body.
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World Map Creator

Collaboration within a project from Julia Mia Stirnemann
World Map Creator is a web based application that allows you to see and recreate the world maps from your own perspective applying diverse morphing algorithms to change our contemporary western view of the traditional spherical earth. I collaborated in this project with Julia and Fabrice as a bridge between the process of interface design, usability and the end product programming.

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Narcissus at Pasquart

NarcissUs is a critical and artistic approach towards the development of intelligent machines. The goal is to unfold the potential that the learning process from artificial beings in mixed reality environments may encounter.

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Renounce Humanity: Beyond Narcissism

Master Thesis in Contemporary Arts Practice

The work is concerned with the age of narcissism, individualism and the decay of the human and the social, exacerbated by the practices that technology, digitalisation and the internet have brought along. Personalisation beyond boundaries, endless freedom of speech, ubiquity of information, opinion and participation, and the cult for the future, progress, productivity, automatisation and the machine. This is a review of the concept of individuation and its dissolution. It is a review of new paradigms from the process of loss of the so called “humanity” viewed not as consequence of technology or social evolution, rather as an contingent property of existence.

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Critical Mass (Artificial Lovers)

Connected installation exploring behaviours of digital crowds and the limitis of self exposure, social participation, data ethics and sharing culture. The installation was presented at Pasquart Centre in Biel in Summer 2017. It stayed open to the public for a week con- necting the exhibition space with an existing live chat community. The data retreived from the recorded footage is being used to train other systems.

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