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NormiCity questioning the Hyper regulated Urban at reART: theURBAN

Zürich, October 2012

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Colectivo Macrame is an art collective that works simultaneously in Switzerland and Mexico. They get together with the scope to find new ways of playing and experimenting together with the people around them, and to transform our surrounding for a better comprehension of it. Therefore they build cities, installations, create theater plays, record videos, etc…etc…etc… All this, trying to satisfy their restless curiosity for transformation and the desire to invite new people to play their game. “For us, less is less so let’s be more.”Human beings are organized into societies, which are ruled by norms and agreements that follow the individual needs in order to allow, control and regulate proper and acceptable behaviour in the collective life. Nevertheless, we also believe that our cities, their norms and rules are overloaded. This does not permit any space for experimentation and improvement.

During the workshop ‘NormiCity’, a series of reflections and actions will occur in order to question the overlap when norms become an obstacle for diversity and tolerance in the urban context. ‘NormiCity’ is an invitation to re-think and re-define the norms in our city, to identify which of them really contribute to a better living and which are only obsolete obstacles against the incessant changing dynamics of our contemporary urban environments.

Do norms restrict diversity? Are norms an obstacle for improvement and experimentation?

normiCity from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.