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In late September 2012

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Theorist hostes the interdisciplinary symposium “theorist: diskurs / discourse – discussions on discoursivity” on the lack of discourse within the disciplines of architecture and urbanism.

Four topics have been discussed upon with a specific invited panel, ranging from following topics:”Urbanism – Planning Practices”, “Architecture and Society – Sustainable Building and Housing”, “The Production of Theory, Culture and Criticism”, as w ell as “Art and the City”. The interdisciplinary approach seeks to establish a critical framework to reflect upon architecture and allow theoreticians and practitioners alike to assume positions.

The discussions were held at the gallery Mark Müller between September 24th and 29th 2012, organized by Sasha Cisar.

urbanplus (http://www.urbanplus.ch/)
Dr. Stefan Kurath, architect and urbanist
Cecilie Sachs Olsen, theatre arts/urban studies
Sabeth Tödtli, architecture/urban studies
Sander Van Parijs, phd researcher, political science/urban studies
Nina Lund Westerdahl, architect
Instant Favelas (http://instantfavelas.org/)
Eloisa Ávila, scenographer
Claudia Baena, artist
Andrés Villa Torres, interaction designer
Paulina Velasco, editorial designer
Hans Christian Leidescher, architect