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algorithmic & computer arts

NarcissUs at ISMAR 2015

Fukuoka – Zürich, July – September 2015
Collaborators: Eugen Danzinger , Andres Villa Torres

“Destiny without necessity, freedom without memory, existence without choice, causality without destiny” – paraphrasing Deleuze.

The project NarcissUs is a critical and artistic approach towards the development of intelligent machines. The main goal is to unfold the potential and unexpected outcomes that the learning process from artificial beings in mixed reality environments may encounter. It consists on a feedback loop setup between a computer generated being (NarcissUs), a camera, a moving mirror, a face recognition algorithm and an evolving learning machine seeking for self awareness. NarcissUs seek for its reflection, learn from it and evolve through their expressive exchanges. Would IT be able to tell that the reflection is nothing else but itself?


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