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algorithmic & computer arts

NarcissUs, xCoAx 2016, at GAMeC, Bergamo

The installation NarcissUs is presented at xCoAx 2016 a critical and artistic approach towards the development of intelligent machines. The main goal is to unfold the emergent results that the learning process from artificial beings in mixed reality environments can encounter.
Supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

It consists of a feedback loop between a computer generated portrait (NarcissUs), a camera, a moving mirror, a face recognition algorithm and an evolv- ing learning machine seeking for self awareness. NarcissUs searches for its reflection, learns from it and evolves through expressive exchanges. The installation is a metaphor from the mirror-stage and the moment of self recognition, which is recognised by Lacan as an essential act of intelligence. Whether this act is also a symptom of consciousness or not, is open to discussion. NarcissUs intends to argue, to which extend can an artificial system be perceived as self-aware.

Original Title: NarcissUs : machine learning from machine learning from machine learning from machine