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algorithmic & computer arts

Silk Memory Garden, Zurich Design Biennale, September 2017

Commissioned project for the Zurich Design Biennale 2017 with support from the Hochschule Luzern and the Silk Memory Ar- chive. The Digital Garment Archive from the HSLU is recreated and transported to the physical space through projection layers of the garments in combination with animated fantasy worlds by François Chalet, algorithmic generated structures and composed sound- scapes.

Concept, Animation & Art Direction by Francois Chalet.
Digital Art, Interaction, Interface Design & Coding by Andrés Villa Torres
Sound composition by Mathias Vetter
Stage Design and buildup by Kaspar Flückiger

Special Thanks to Tina Tomovic, Lara Stamm & Marie Schumann
And the research group from Product & Textile from the HSLU