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algorithmic & computer arts

LOVE at Sensorium, European Innovation Festival at Gucci Hub

Curated by H-Farm, the LOVE installation consists of a touch-reactive and elastic screen. LOVE is represented by light and energy which one can play with through touch and movement, being aware of oneself, the material canvas, the light and the others.

Conceived and implemented by H-Farm and Andrés Villa Torres. Programming and visual content developed by Andrés in Open Frameworks and Processing using the Kinect Sensor and Computer Vision libraries, and implementing a proximity differential algorithm to recognise surface deformation.

Sandro Poli playing with the installation LOVE before the opening.

Yuval Noah Harari wrote:

“Love is being connected. To love means to be liberated from the obsession with whatever thoughts, emotions and desires pop up in my own mind right now, and instead listen to others and see what is happening to them. (Photo taken at the ‘Sensorium’ exhibition created by @hfarm for the European Innovation Festival)”