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algorithmic & computer arts

Digital Spaces

Mapping Electromagnetic Fields, WiFi Hotspots and other signals around the world using a DIY fieldrecording instrument.

I have been working for Collegium Helveticum as a researcher conceptualising and developing an instrument which can be used for larger clinical studies or as a monitoring station, which aims to understand and situate the social, cultural, health and environmental impact of the Digital Signal Traffic.

The device consists on a Modular Recording gadget which mimics the sensor functionallity of a common smartphone and allows a small computer on board (Raspberry Pi) to record sound, image, track the GPS location and related information, record the WiFi hotspots and the Bluetooth signals in the surroundings as well as conducting a High Fidelity Recording of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in the environment using an Air Spy.

The project is in development and it is a collaboration between the Media Arts Group from Collegium Helveticum and the Group of Behavioral Psychology from the University of Zurich.

Source Code in Python, Java (Processing) and CPP (Open Frameworks) available soon at Github.