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algorithmic & computer arts


Short Biography:
Andrés was born in Mexico City in the midd 80’s. Since 2010 he is active in the field of new media, computer and algorithmic arts. He explores issues from politics, society, philosophy, media and technology through artistic practice and research. Andrés works mostly with algorithms, computational processes, data, physical infrastructures, live coding and the web.

Master in Research on the Arts, University of Bern, 9/2017 – present
MA Contemporary Arts Practice, HKB, 8/2015 – 7/2017
CAS Kunstforschung, ZHdK/HKB/HEAD, 8/2012 – 8/2013
MA Design in Interaction, ZHdK, 1/2011 – 7/2012
BA Industrial Design, UAM-Xochimilco, 3/2004 – 9/2008

Professional Experience
Collegium Helveticum                        11/2017 – present
Researcher/Post Diplomand. Fellow Program: “Digital Societies”. Project: “Digital Infrastructures”.
HSLU Digital Ideation                        3/2017 – 8/2017
Teaching Assistant in Bachelor Program
Labor 5020                            1/2015 – present
Co-Founder & Art Researcher at Labor 5020, an art and design space dedicated to the aesthetic, technological and functional exploration of contemporary media.
ZHdK, Interaction Design                         2/2012 – 8/2015
Research and teaching assistant. Responsible for the A-Int and EFS Research Projects, funded by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). Responsible for the design and coordination of the diploma exhibition from the BA candidates, printed materials and other events. Teaching and assistant in BA courses.
Projektil, Zürich                            11/2011 – 2/2012
Intern for Animation, Projection Mapping and VJ Performances.
Esrawe Studio, Mexico City                    10/2008 -12/2009
Senior Industrial Designer at Esrawe for Furniture, Interior Architecture and Concept Design.

Villa Torres, A.; “Critical Mass”. At xCoAx 2018 Proceedings of the Sixth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. Edited by André Rangel, Luísa Ribas, Mario Verdicchio, & Miguel Carvalhais. ISBN: 978-989-746-171-2
Villa Torres, A.; Danzinger E.; “NarcissUs: machine learning from machine learning from machine learning from machine”. At xCoAx 2016 Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X. Edited by Mario Verdicchio, Alison Clifford, André Rangel & Miguel Carvalhais. ISBN: 978-989-746-094-4
Kuppanda, T. ; Neate, T. ; Jiajun Yang ; Torres, A.V., “Reproducible sonification for virtual navigation”, in VR Workshop: Sonic Interaction in Virtual Environments (SIVE), 2014 IEEE.
Villa Torres, A., Kluckner, V. and Franinović, K., “Development of a sonification method to enhance gait rehabilitation”, In Proceedings of the ISon: Interactive Sonification Workshop, Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany, 2013.
Avila, E., Baena, C., Leidescher, H., Velasco, P., Villa Torres, A., “Instant Favelas: Sustaining the Unsustainable”, in MIND THE GAP, Kunsthof Zürich, Materialien und Dokumente 1993–2013, edition fink, Zürich 2013, ISBN 978-3-03746-177-8
Villa Torres, A., Franinovic, K., Huggenberg, J., “Auditory Feedback for Walking Rehabilitation”, in proceedings of the 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium Disruptive Interaction, Lugano, Switzerland 9 November 2012. ISBN: 978-88-7713-680-0

Exhibitions and Installations
Fluorozoa, Light Installation with Simon Schwarz & Sandro Poli, Temp Studio, Lisbon, November 2018
Critical Mass, xCoAx 2018, Group Exhibition, c arte c, Museo del Traje, Madrid, July 2018
On Concave Mirrors. Solo Exhibition, Kulturfolger, Zürich, Mai 2018.
Public Property, J. Huggenberg & A. Villa Torres, Playground, London, UK, October 2017.
Electric Animal Plant, K. Franinovic, L. Franzke, A. Villa Torres, F. Wille, Group Installation, Zurich Design Biennale, Old Botanical Garden, September 2017.
Silk Memory Garden, Digital Art, Concept and Programming in Commissioned Installation for Francois Chalet, Zurich Design Biennale, SBB Werkstatt, September 2017
Narcissus: machine learning from machine learning from machine…, Group Exhibition, PasquaArt Centre, Biel, Switzerland June 2017
Critical Mass, Group Exhibition, PasquaArt Centre, Biel, Switzerland, June 2017
SOLO: sound installation exploring the limits of responsive materials, with K. Franinovic Laokoon Festival, Zürich, November 2016
Narcissus: machine learning from machine learning from machine…, xCoAx 2016, Group Exhibition, GAMec, Bergamo, Italy, 6 – 8/7/2016
Sense, Regression, Transition, AFFAIRE, Group Exhibition, PasquArt Centre, Biel, Switzerland 17-22/6/2016
Patterns of reconciliation, Group Exhibition, Kasko, Wartek, Basel, Switzerland 23-27/3/2016
Instant Favelas, Installation Series in Urban Spaces, Zürich, 2011- 2013

Live Coding. Notes on Concave Bubbles. Kulturfolger, Zürich, March 2018
Live Coding.  Migrants 2.0, Fabrica Digital El Rule, Mexico City, December 2017
Live Coding.  Algorave. Larva, CCD, Guadalajara, December 2017
Live Coding. Noises of Forgetting, Solo Performance for the ICLC, CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico, December 2017
Live Coding. Transmutations, Group Performance for the ICLC, CMMAS, Morelia, Mexico, December 2017
Live Coding. Performing Sound. Galerie 5020, Salzburg, March 2016
Live Coding. Algorave, STEIM at Splendor, Amsterdam, Feb. 2016
Live Coding. Algorave, N/O/D/E Festival, Lausanne, CH, Jan., 2016
Live Coding. Concert-Talk, FHNW, Brugg, CH, October 2015
Live Coding. Algorave Tour, Japan, October 2015
Live Coding. Warp Hole Sounds, ICLC 2015, Leeds, UK July 2015
Odd Couplings, Group Performance, ZHdK, Zürich, May 2015
Live Coding. Ludicious Game Festival, Zürich 19/9/2014
Live Coding. Supercollider Talks, N. K., Berlin July 2014
Live Coding. Post Apocalypse. Rote Fabrik, Zürich June 2014

ISMAR 2015, Fukuoka, Japan, September 2015
Villa Torres, A., Danzinger, E., “Narcissus: machine learning from machine learning from machine”, in MASH’D Track Sessions at the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ISMAR 2015
SDN Symposium 2012, Lugano, November 2012
Villa Torres, A., Franinovic, K., Huggenberg, J.,“Adaptive Rhythmic Auditory Feedback through Walking Gestures” at the Swiss Design Network Conference “Disruptive Interactions”.

Digital Ideation, Introduction to the WEB, as teaching assistant, FS2017
Live Coding Workshop, N/O/D/E, Lausanne 30/1/2016
Live Coding Workshop, FHNW Brugg 29/10/2015
Live Coding Workshop, Kassette, Zürich 29/6/2014
Embodied Interaction Advanced, IAD, ZHdK HS2013 & HS2014
Supercollider Workshop, IAD, ZHdK 21/4/2012

Prohelvetia, Production Grant for Visual Arts. “Critical Mass”, Summer 2018
Prohelvetia, Production Grant for Interdisciplinary Projects. NarcissUs, Summer 2016
Connecting Spaces, ZHdK 2015
CTI Research Funding for A-Int and EFS 2013 & 2014
Z+ Funding for project Instant Favelas 2011 & 2012
Gamil Stiftung Funding for the MA Thesis 2011

Art Residencies
Temp Studio #3, Lisbon, November 2018

Spanish: Native. English: Fluent. German: Fluent. French: Fluent reader.

Skills & Programming
Java, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, Super Collider, Max MSP, Open Frameworks, Python, Unix, Linux, Processing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MATLAB