andrés villa torres

new media artist





biography .

[EN] Andrés works as future-media artist and designer for digital products, services and media. His main focus is on the future oriented and posthuman ontologies, as well as sustainability, aesthetics, democratization and ecology of data. He has both academic and practice-based background in the fields of product design, interaction design and contemporary arts. He works with algorithms, sound, the web, living organisms, computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning, physical computing and diverse materials. Currently he is working on his doctoral proposal on the topic of digital societies and specifically he is exploring through his artistic practice and research issues of security, intimacy, surveillance, individualism, participation and freedom.

[DE] Andrés arbeitet als Zukünfts-medien Künstler und Designer für digitale Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Medien. Sein Schwerpunkt liegt auf den zukunftsorientierten und posthumanen Ontologien sowie Nachhaltigkeit, Ästhetik, Demokratisierung und Ökologie der Daten. Er hat sowohl akademischen als auch praxisorientierten Hintergrund in den Bereichen Produktdesign, Interaktionsdesign und zeitgenössische Kunst. Er arbeitet mit Algorithmen, Klang, Web, lebenden Organismen, Computergrafik, Computer Vision, maschinelles Lernen, physikalisches Computing und diverse Materialien. Derzeit arbeitet er an seinem Doktoratsvorschlag zum Thema Digitale Gesellschaften und erforscht vor allem durch seine künstlerischen Praxis Fragen der Sicherheit, Intimität, Überwachung, Individualismus, Partizipation und Freiheit.


Education .

Special Master in Research on the Arts, University of Bern 9/2017-present

MA Contemporary Arts Practice, HKB 8/2015-7/2017

CAS Kunstforschung, ZHdK/HKB/HEAD 8/2012-8/2013

MA Design in Interaction, ZHdK 1/2011-7/2012

BA Industrial Design, UAM-Xochimilco 3/2004-9/2008


Experience .

Collegium Helveticum, ZHdK/ ETH/ Universität Zürich 11/2017 –

Research Assistant on Research Project

HSLU Digital Ideation 3/2017-7/2017

Technical Assistant in Bachelor Program

Labor 5020 1/2012-present

Co-Founder, Design Consultant and Art Researcher at Labor 5020, an art and design space dedicated to the aesthetic, technological and functional exploration of contemporary media.

ZHdK, Interaction Design 2/2012-8/2015

Research and teaching assistant. Responsible for the A-Int and EFS Research Projects, funded by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). Responsible for the design and coordination of the diploma exhibition from the BA candidates, printed materials and other events. Teaching and assistent in BA courses.

Projektil GmbH, Zürich 11/2011-2/2012

Intern for Animation, Projection Mapping and VJ Performances.

Lunatic Interactive GmbH, Berlin 8/2010-12/2010

Internship for 3D Modelling, Animation and Interactive Visualisations

Esrawe Studio, Mexico City 10/2008-12/2009

Senior Industrial Designer at Esrawe for Furniture, Interior Architecture and Concept Design.


Publications .

Kuppanda, T. ; Neate, T. ; Jiajun Yang ; Torres, A.V., “Reproducible sonification for virtual navigation”, in VR Workshop: Sonic Interaction in Virtual Environments (SIVE), 2014 IEEE.

Villa Torres, A., Kluckner, V. and Franinović, K., “Development of a sonification method to enhance gait rehabilitation”, In Proceedings of the ISon: Interactive Sonification Workshop, Fraunhofer IIS, Erlangen, Germany, 2013.

Avila, E., Baena, C., Leidescher, H., Velasco, P., Villa Torres, A., “Instant Favelas: Sustaining the Unsustainable”, in MIND THE GAP, Kunsthof Zürich, Materialien und Dokumente 1993–2013, edition fink, Zürich 2013, ISBN 978-3-03746-177-8

Villa Torres, A., Franinovic, K., Huggenberg, J., “Auditory Feedback for Walking Rehabilitation”, in proceedings of the 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium Disruptive Interaction, Lugano, Switzerland 9 November 2012. ISBN: 978-88-7713-680-0


Exhibitions & Installations .

Playground Art Space, London, UK, 10/2017

Electric Animal Plant, Sound Artist in Group Installation, Zurich Design Biennale, 9/2017

Silk Memory Garden, Digital Art in Commissioned Installation by Francois Chalet, Zurich Design Biennale, 9/2017

Mind the CAP, PasquaArt Centre, Biel, Switzerland 6/2017

NarcissUs, xCoAx 2016, GAMec, Bergamo, Italy, 6 – 8/7/2016

AFFAIRE, PasquArt Centre, Biel, Switzerland 17-22/6/2016

Patterns of reconciliation, Kasko, Wartek, Basel, Switzerland 23-27/3/2016

NarcissUs, ISMAR 2015, Fukuoka, Japan, 29/9 – 2/10/2015

Instant Favelas, Installation Series in Urban Spaces, Zürich, 2011- 2013


Demos .

ISMAR 2015, Fukuoka, Japan 30/9/2015

Villa Torres, A., Danzinger, E., “Narcissus: machine learning from machine learnig from machine”, in MASH’D Track Sessions at the 14th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ISMAR 2015

SDN Symposium 2012, Lugano 9/11/2012

Villa Torres, A., Franinovic, K., Huggenberg, J.,“Adaptive Rhythmic Auditory Feedback through Walking Gestures” at the Swiss Design Network Conference “Disruptive Interactions”.


Performances .

Sound Performance, Galerie 5020, Salzburg 3/3/2016

Algorave, STEIM at Splendor, Amsterdam 11/2/2016

Algorave, N/O/D/E Festival, Lausanne 30/1/2016

Live Coding Concert-Talk, FHNW, Brugg 28/10/2015

Algorave Tour, Japan 3/10-10/10/2015

Warp Hole Sounds, ICLC 2015, Leeds, UK 13/7/2015

Odd Couplings Performance, ZHdK, Zürich 23/5/2015

Code on the Fly, Klubi, Zürich 29/10/2014

LC Concert, Royal, Baden 20/9/2014

LC Concert, Ludicious Game Festival, Zürich 19/9/2014

LC Concert, Boschbar, Zürich 8/9/2014

Supercollider Talk, N. K., Berlin 12/7/2014

LC Concert, Rote Fabrik, Zürich 28/6/2014

Exhibitions & Installations

Patterns of reconciliation, Kasko, Basel 23-27/3/2016

NarcissUs, ISMAR 2015, Fukoka, Japan 29/9-2/10/2015

Instant Favelas, Installation Series, Zürich 2011-2013


Teaching .

Live Coding Workshop, N/O/D/E, Lausanne 30/1/2016

Live Coding Workshop, FHNW Brugg 29/10/2015

Live Coding Workshop, Kassette, Zürich 29/6/2014

Embodied Interaction Advanced, IAD, ZHdK 2013 & 2014

Supercollider Workshop, IAD, ZHdK 21/4/2012


Grants .

Prohelvetia, Production Grant for Interdisciplinary Project NarcissUs, Summer 2016

Connecting Spaces, ZHdK 2015

CTI Research Funding for A-Int and EFS 2013 & 2014

Z+ Funding for project Instant Favelas 2011 & 2012

Gamil Stiftung Funding for the MA Thesis 2011


Additional Training .

3D Printing Course, 25 hrs ZHdK 8/2014

WuZu Design Workshop, Jiangnan U, Wuxi 7/2012

WuZu Design Workshop, ZHdK, Zürich 7/2011

Video Editing Course, 25 hrs, ZHdK 2011

Textile Dyeing, 170 hrs, UIA Santa Fe 2008

Digital Illustration, 90 hrs, UAM-Xochimilco 2007

Digital Sketching, 25 hrs, UIA Santa Fe 2006


Languages .

Spanish Native

English Fluent

German Fluent

French Fluent reader

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