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algorithmic & computer arts

WEB Collider

Proposal for the Immersive Lab from the ICST ZHdK, February 2016

WEB_COLLIDER_BIT FLOW DEMO from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.


Multiple capacitive sensing circuit

For the HÁPTICO Installation with:
Andrés Villa Torres, Electronic Artist

Multiple capacitive sensing circuit from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.

Based on the Capacitive Sensing Library written by Paul Badger


Live Coding Workshop at N/O/D/E Festival, Lausanne, 2016

Introduction for live coding with Supercollider, OSC and Processing








Breathing Rhizopus

breathing rhizopus growing over boiled rice trapped in a CD case exposed to a 5 minute interval shooting camera


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boiled rice
drying over a CD case
exposed to a 5 minute interval shooting camera
a burning light

DRYING_RICE from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.


Rhizopus Nigricans

Wachstum vom Biomassen wird durch Time Lapse Bilder und Klangaufnahme untersucht.


Algorave Japan Tour

Fukuoka – Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo, Japan, October 2015
Organized by the awesome Renick Bell

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Oct. 3, Fukuoka, at Black Out

Oct. 4, Osaka, at Environment 0g

Oct. 8, Kyoto, at Urban Guild

Oct. 10, Tokyo, at Soup

Performing with Supercollider, a Kaoss Pad and Visuals on the fly with Processing

Algorave Tour Japan 2015 from andres on Vimeo.


NarcissUs at ISMAR 2015

Fukuoka – Zürich, July – September 2015
Collaborators: Eugen Danzinger , Andres Villa Torres

“Destiny without necessity, freedom without memory, existence without choice, causality without destiny” – paraphrasing Deleuze.

The project NarcissUs is a critical and artistic approach towards the development of intelligent machines. The main goal is to unfold the potential and unexpected outcomes that the learning process from artificial beings in mixed reality environments may encounter. It consists on a feedback loop setup between a computer generated being (NarcissUs), a camera, a moving mirror, a face recognition algorithm and an evolving learning machine seeking for self awareness. NarcissUs seek for its reflection, learn from it and evolve through their expressive exchanges. Would IT be able to tell that the reflection is nothing else but itself?


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ODD COUPLINGS is a performance by the Hong Kong-based choreographer Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam in collaboration with Swiss scenographer Barbra Pfyffer. It is the product of his three months residency with the City of Zurich Artist-in-Residence Programme, during which time he has built up relationships and collaborations with several artists.

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Sensible Plants

Zürich 2015

Development & media art: Andres V. Torres

Sensible Plants are part of the work around the Sound Installation using Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing for Arduino & Processing

The Installation runs at a Raspberry Pi 2 and the sound is generated with Supercollider.

Running with a Raspberry Pi 2