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algorithmic & computer arts

Breathing Rhizopus

breathing rhizopus growing over boiled rice trapped in a CD case exposed to a 5 minute interval shooting camera


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boiled rice
drying over a CD case
exposed to a 5 minute interval shooting camera
a burning light

DRYING_RICE from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.


Rhizopus Nigricans

Wachstum vom Biomassen wird durch Time Lapse Bilder und Klangaufnahme untersucht.


Algorave Japan Tour

Fukuoka – Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo, Japan, October 2015
Organized by the awesome Renick Bell

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Oct. 3, Fukuoka, at Black Out

Oct. 4, Osaka, at Environment 0g

Oct. 8, Kyoto, at Urban Guild

Oct. 10, Tokyo, at Soup

Performing with Supercollider, a Kaoss Pad and Visuals on the fly with Processing

Algorave Tour Japan 2015 from andres on Vimeo.


NarcissUs at ISMAR 2015

Fukuoka – Zürich, July – September 2015
Collaborators: Eugen Danzinger , Andres Villa Torres

“Destiny without necessity, freedom without memory, existence without choice, causality without destiny” – paraphrasing Deleuze.

The project NarcissUs is a critical and artistic approach towards the development of intelligent machines. The main goal is to unfold the potential and unexpected outcomes that the learning process from artificial beings in mixed reality environments may encounter. It consists on a feedback loop setup between a computer generated being (NarcissUs), a camera, a moving mirror, a face recognition algorithm and an evolving learning machine seeking for self awareness. NarcissUs seek for its reflection, learn from it and evolve through their expressive exchanges. Would IT be able to tell that the reflection is nothing else but itself?


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ODD COUPLINGS is a performance by the Hong Kong-based choreographer Chun-ho Ivanhoe Lam in collaboration with Swiss scenographer Barbra Pfyffer. It is the product of his three months residency with the City of Zurich Artist-in-Residence Programme, during which time he has built up relationships and collaborations with several artists.

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Sensible Plants

Zürich 2015

Development & media art: Andres V. Torres

Sensible Plants are part of the work around the Sound Installation using Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing for Arduino & Processing

The Installation runs at a Raspberry Pi 2 and the sound is generated with Supercollider.

Running with a Raspberry Pi 2



Warp Hole Sounds at International Conference on Live Coding 2015

Particle system simulating the behaviour of a blackhole. Each particle collision opens and closes a microphone. This generates an ongrowing and “controlled” audio-feedback saturation. It is possible to alter some variables which alter the behaviour of the gravitational field in real time. This has a direct impact in the audio-visual experience.


Real Time Drawing Tool for Polygonal Projection Mapping

Tool in development using processing and supercollider for polygon projection mapping: drawing and manipulation of single polygonal shapes with code on the fly.

It consists on a series of assignable free form polygons which can be generated and manipulated in real time with the mouse pointer and through OSC messages. This allows to access and change features independently such as fill color, line thickness, fill image, etc. Thus, each new polygon is a new node which can be modified and accessed independently through OSC messages allowing to generate tightness between audio-visual events for example.


Fragments of a Digital-Like Reality

Zürich – Mexico City – Oaxaca, Mexico, Winter 2014-2015

Audio Visual experiments with film, sound and computer manipulation.

During the winter 2014 – 2015 I‘ve got fascinated by patterns and the repetitive but decently unpredictable motion present within the material reality (nature) and its similarity to the digital and binary reality.
I used a camera to video capture a series of scenes which I found fitting in this description. Afterwards I used digital means in order to manipulate the image and the sound and unravel the intrinsic connexions between these two worlds.
On the memory stick you can find a longer version of the referenced video link, which is an ongoing work I just started.


Warp Hole Sounds

Zürich – Mexico City, February 2015

Download Processing & SC Sketch

“Warp Hole Sounds” is an algorithmic exploration and an audio visual experience of the non-trivial phenomena which in theory is possible inside these unseen and unexperienced corners of our universe. It pursuits a better and more embodied understanding of the behaviour of the physics inside or close to these bizarre spaces.

Through computer algorithms, I simulate strong gravitational fields which evolve in time by being nourished by particles (light, matter, energy). The illusive infinite freedom from algorithms allow to simulate and to tweak several conditions from these theoretical places, provoking behaviours that some times cannot be computed or previously estimated. A series of sonic and visual experiences arise from the never ending evolution of these wormholes.

Mathematical models from strong gravitational fields such as those describing black holes, worm holes and warp drive are used within this project in order to generate the algorithms which allow the computer simulations. From these simulations data such as the increasing mass of a black hole, the collisions between particles, or the moment of a particle crossing the event horizon, are collected and used in real time in order to generate or modulate sonic and visual representations.

The ultimate goal of the project is an audio visual installation / performance which will use elements from live coding in order to manipulate the generated data in real time.

Warp Hole Sounds from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.


Forces of attraction

Studies of the behaviour from strong gravitational fields. Towards a visual / sonic understanding of black holes.

ATTRACTIVE_FORCES from Andrés Villa Torres on Vimeo.