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Localhost.run + The WEB as Art

ZHdK, BA Interaction Desgin | Bits & Atoms II

by Andrés Villa Torres

Flashback: WebSocket Tutorial GPS Tracker

Recorded 25 minute tutorial

What is localhost.run?

A free service that creates an SSH Tunnel allowing you to Instantly share your localhost environment to the WWW

This is useful for testing your development processes, for testing websites, applications, installations.

It works in combination with a localhost environment either httpserver or node.js

Small Example

Let's get into code and the terminal for a bit, no longer than 20 minutes I promise!

The Web as ART

Since the early years of the internet people have used these technologies to make art.

Net ART is the lable given to these kind of expressions, and refers to artists who have worked with the internet since the early 1990's till around 2010. Newer forms of Art working with the WEB or the Internet are known as Internet Art, Web Art and further and more contemporary are known as Post-Internet Art.

How Art Can Transform the Internet?

Art in the Age of the Internet

Olia Lialina

Link to her work

Olia Lialina

My Boyfriend came back from the war

link to archive from rhizome

Olia Lialina

Listening Post

Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin

Gordan Savicic and the WEB2.0 Suicide Machine

Link to Webpage FB Suicide Machine

Studio Moniker

Link to the Studio Moniker

Studio Moniker

Studio Moniker

Studio Moniker

Jonas Lund

the internet click | your opinion matters | the internet express | the hype cycle

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal

Marc Lee

Marc Lee, is a Swiss new media artist working in the fields of interactive installation art, internet art, performance art and video art

link to his work